Playing: fri, NOV.18 6:40 p.m.



Grey 8s are a psychedlic blues rock band from Wynwood, Florida. What started out as a church band in 2008, broke off into a two piece blues project in 2011. With front man vocalist and guitarist Danny Burns along side drummer Dres David. Using the facilities as a means to practice they couldn't keep that front, eventually the Grey 8s formed and paved new paths. A year later a strike of luck hit the Grey8s with the acquisition of bassist László Piringer, the trinity was birthed and it's rhythm began to formulate. With a fresh take creatively they were reborn and rewritten. László a derivative from Hungary was just what they needed to take the next step. A blend of eccentric guitar riffs, layered with a thick bass coat, surrounded by the unpredictable drum energy; makes for a wild ride.

In January 2015, the weekly magazine Miami Newtimes wrote a small biography on the Grey 8s, they captured more of their early struggles with the church and the plans for the future. "If you add up all the numbers in 2015 it adds up to 8" this quote found in the article predicted the success that was to come for the Grey 8s in this year. Starting with some Florida tours in February, and the release of some music videos including the single "You made me look", recorded at Cutting Cane Studios and shot at the legendary club Bizerq. That summer the band contininued to record singles and playing at high profile gigs like, III points music festival in the fall. 2015 was the year the band really built a reputation and set the tone for many years to come.