Playing: fri, NOV.18 9:25 p.m.



Pompeya is Daniil Brod (vocals), Sasha Lipisky (keyboards) and Denis Agafonov (bass). Formed in 2010 and a band that creates unabashed pop and new wave music. Their debut Tropical and follow up Foursome earned the band significant popularity in their home country, “energetically introducing Moscow’s youth to electronic indie culture” remarks Los Angeles radio station KCRW.

The new album ‘Real’ was co-produced by Brian Mctear (Local Natives, War on Drugs, Twin Sister) and was recorded in Philadelphia, New York City, Savannah and Orlando—all places Pompeya had never been before.

Of the process, the band explains, “Our work from the Tropical era was our interpretation of the music we liked. By mixing new wave, disco and funk, we created music we understood would be sunny, light and fun. It was all recorded in Moscow without much outside help from producers, engineers or lyricists. For the new album, we wanted to create music with a larger message, for a more global audience. We were forced out of our comfort zones, forced to experiment more and discuss serious topics like growing up, loss, fatherhood and staying true to yourself without going crazy. These are the real stories of our lives, and the real sound we want to present. This is Real.”