Playing: fri, NOV.18 6 p.m.



XAXO is a pop, electrofunk duo based in Miami. They are brothers Dav and Johnny “Johnny Echo” Julca, who together produce, write and play all of the band’s music. Dav is the singer and multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, drums, bass and keys. Johnny is the producing mind who does most of the mixing and also plays guitar and keys.  The brothers, like the music they play, are fearless, determined and driven, with a peculiar sense of humor and a spontaneous flare. On making music Johnny says, “it is like air for us, we can’t live without it. It is an instinct like any other human instinct. It has also become a responsibility. We have been given the amazing gift of music and we must share the love.”

The two were born in Panama from Peruvian parents and moved to Ohio in their early teens. Their earlier performances were done at a Hispanic church in Columbus, where their parents pastor. Song writing and guitar playing came from their mother, who taught and pushed them as young boys to learn how to put songs together from an honest place. In the mid 90`s they found themselves deeply identified with the punk culture so their first bands were punk rock bands.  The band they formed in High School evolved into pop rock and the transition brought along offers from labels like Tooth And Nail Records and Atlantic Records. When high school was over, they toured the U.S. until 2006 when Dav decided to further his studies in music and moved to Mexico City. He went on to develop a solo career, living in Puerto Rico and Miami; while Johnny continued to produce pop music and ventured into hip hop.  They always wrote songs in both English and Spanish. On their eclectic background they say, “we know what being different is and we know that different makes the world go round.”

In 2010, both brothers had made Miami, the epicenter of latin sounds, their home. The city was full of promises and big opportunities for talented writers/producers, so they decided to put their own music on hold and work with the big names in town. They worked with Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Paulina Rubio, Pitbull, Jason Derulo, Kat Dahlia, KC and the Sunshine Band, Prince Royce, Jencarlos Canela, Fonseca, among other stars. 

In 2015, while working with other artists, they kept writing songs for themselves, songs they didn’t write for anyone else. Those are the songs that made them who they are now, XAXO. In 2016 the band is releasing it’s first EP titled “Looking For Nothing” under the Space52 label, which the brothers cofounded.  When asked about their EP they say:

“It symbolizes the experiences in our personal lives, in our careers, and living on the “fast lane” in Miami.  Miami is the real wild wild west.  We`ve always been searching for something, for that ultimate high in life. That search has lead us to so many over the top moments.  The more we LOOK for that high, success, recognition, money, and pleasure, the more it amounts to NOTHING.  That search is also what leads you to… honesty”  We are looking for nothing, we`re just aiming to live at our full capacity”.

They created the label out of the need to expose their music and that of other artists who share their ways of being different and also want to make a difference. “Our partners feel the same way and live for the same dream! It all started in Wynwood Miami where our friend has a big warehouse space where we jam and connect with other thinkers and doers. We call it Space52.”